NetSIP is one of Australia’s leading SIP providers. Our world-class Tier 1 backbone offers a complete voice and media communications solution for everything from small businesses to multinational call centres and ASX-listed enterprise companies. 

We’ve got over fifteen years of industry experience as VoIP and SIP providers researching and simplifying VoIP and SIP technology to empower businesses of all sizes. Our SIP trunking plans are among the most competitive – and comprehensive – on the market when it comes to fees, system features, reliability, traffic and infrastructure support.

Enquire today to learn how we can tailor a SIP trunk service solution for your business and help you streamline your customer service system to better connect with clients, expand your offerings, and increase your revenue.  

How does SIP work? 

SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, is a versatile software protocol that allows your organisation’s communication system to run exclusively over the internet. SIP providers provide the technology, infrastructure and servers, or hardware to make this happen. 

As the leading form of modern business communications, SIP facilitates high-quality voice and video conferencing calls, as well as supports online chat, instant messaging, interactive gaming, and VR functionality. 

SIP is different from VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. While SIP and VoIP facilitate communications online instead of using traditional analog telephony, or landlines, VoIP primarily supports voice calls. Together, they form a unified communication solution. 

But just how do SIP providers work? Simply put, a SIP phone provider will take the place of your traditional telephony company. Where your business phone number was previously tied to a landline, sip trunk providers make your communications digital – empowering you to do business anywhere, at any time. 

When a customer places a phone call to your business, it comes via the PSTN or public switched telephone network. This call will immediately connect directly to your organisation’s SIP trunk service hosted on our secure network and servers. 

Using the internet, your autonomous communications server will then connect the call following strict routing rules or protocols set up to facilitate the quickest and best customer service solution. 

Depending on the chosen configuration of your SIP connection infrastructure, this can be anything from local distribution within a single office via WiFi to tablets, mobile or SIP- and VoIP-enabled desktop phones, or computers. The connection can also be from company headquarters to different departments or multiple geographically diverse worksites.

The phone call is answered using the PBX or Private Branch Exchange. This is your internal phone network and carries all the typical telephony features like call forwarding, voicemail, call queues and transfers, internal and external calls, and auto-attendant capabilities. The PBX system also utilises the internet and is hosted on our servers, making call recording and archival storage and recall easy. 

How to choose the right SIP provider?

There are many VoIP SIP trunk providers out there, but not all SIP providers are made equal. 

NetSIP is among the few true Tier 1 SIP providers in Australia. That means your SIP trunk service is hosted on our servers and supported by our technical staff, core infrastructure and software system – not through a third party sip phone provider. 

We offer low-touch, cost-effective online telephony tools with 24/7/365 NOC (Network Operations Centre) support. With the years we’ve spent refining and honing our system, your business will immediately benefit from our experience and infrastructure. 

If you’re ready to give your business a truly competitive edge, chat with NetSIP today and learn more about our SIP service, VoIP providers, SIP Trunk providers, VoIP service providers, or explore our VoIP Reseller Program and become a wholesale VoIP provider or VoIP reseller.

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