NetSIP is a one-stop shop for IT and telephony solutions that offers wholesale VoIP in Australia and New Zealand. By joining our VoIP reseller program, you can maximise your revenue and build a solid reputation as a reseller of reliable unified communications that can help clients grow their business. 

At NetSIP, we offer a complete voice platform that includes VoIP solutions for business and SIP services

By becoming one of NetSIP’s wholesale VoIP providers, you can sell our unified communication solutions that can be customised based on your client’s needs. Additionally, partnering with us can help you position your business as an industry leader. 

Unlike the traditional telephone lines that are relatively unreliable, VoIP is a more efficient and reliable system because it uses the internet to facilitate calls. Thanks to this technology, companies can engage in a wide range of telecommunications such as toll-free, local and long distance calls, DID, international voice service, dial-up, fax, video conferencing, etc. 

Aside from wholesale VoIP, we also offer a cloud-hosted PBX phone system, which stands for Private Branch Exchange system, a type of private call network used within an organisation. Think of VoIP as the method to deliver voice data, and PBX as the platform where the delivery happens. 

By combining VoIP and PBX platforms, we can develop reliable and sophisticated unified communication solutions that can easily adjust to the ever-changing business landscape. 

One of the challenges facing businesses today is the cost and difficulty of maintaining a robust communication infrastructure. Fortunately, at NetSIP, we see this as a profitable but untapped opportunity that you can access if you join our growing roster of wholesale VoIP providers. 

Why do businesses prefer wholesale VoIP?

Low cost. You don’t need to buy new hardware or invest in infrastructure to become a reputable VoIP provider. Again, we maintain and update everything.

Powerful platform. By partnering with NetSIP, your clients can use a single, centralised platform that they can access anywhere and anytime. This accessibility particularly favours businesses that have remote and international employees. 

Impressive call quality and reliability. As one of the leading one-stop shops for IT and telecom lines in Australia, quality sets us apart. We make sure that your clients can enjoy high-quality phone calls that traditional phone systems cannot match. Plus, callers won’t have to repeat themselves thanks to crystal-clear void codecs, which leads to improved customer experience in every call. 

Mobility and flexibility. Since we offer cloud services, your clients will not need a server or any physical equipment in their office. Also, their calls can be easily rerouted to any geographical location or predefined failover destinations. Simply put, they will not miss any opportunities. 

Adaptability. NetSIP supports not only SIP but also older devices, thanks to our ISDN-to-SIP Converter.

Safe and secure. Our voice solutions come with powerful security programs to protect your clients’ data from external attacks. Voice is particularly susceptible to security breaches. Thus, we use the most advanced firewall protection to defend your clients’ PBX phone system and handsets. 

Customised telephony system. At NetSIP, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions since every business has unique needs and pain points. As a result, your customers can enjoy the most customised VoIP technology and platforms that meet their specific requirements. 

Reliability. NetSIP has multiple virtual servers in different locations. Each server contains the same information so that in the event that one of them fails, another one can instantly provide a backup to preserve the system’s uptime. 

With a robust and well-maintained infrastructure and a solid reputation, all our unified communications solutions are easy to sell. So why not join our list of SIP trunk providers and VoIP service providers and grow your business with us? 
Again, by becoming NetSIP’s VoIP reseller, you can offer your clients end-to-end communications solutions without you having to worry about infrastructure management and maintenance.

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