NetSIP is one of the leading VoIP service providers in Australia. We specialise in empowering businesses of all sizes through simplified online communication systems. 

As modern businesses continue to adapt to a changing global environment, so have the ways customers and stakeholders seek to connect. Employees are also using various communication methods and technology internally and externally to get their job done, including instant messaging, mobile and video conferencing apps, voice calls, email and more. 

Users of our complete automation platform leverage low-touch tools across our quality SIP, PBX and VoIP services to streamline their business communication processes and save time, improve customer service quality, and maximise revenue.

By efficiently utilising the internet to facilitate unified communication systems, NetSIP VoIP services give your business the technology and support it needs to go fully mobile while saving on cost and maintaining complete operational transparency and accountability. 

Enquire now to learn how we can tailor our VoIP systems for your business. 

What are the benefits of VoIP? 

There are many benefits to implementing VoIP services for your business. 

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol – utilises the internet instead of a traditional landline to facilitate a voice call. You can immediately save big on monthly telecommunications costs by doing away with landlines and partnering with VoIP service providers like NetSIP. 

VoIP systems also offer a huge degree of flexibility and portability because calls can be received and made from just about any technology device with an internet connection – including desk phones, computers, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and more. 

Not only do VoIP services support employees to be more physically mobile on the job, but it also supports increased workflow through multitasking and physical inclusivity and accessibility through adaptive devices like headsets and softphones. 

VoIP systems work individually and in partnership with SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and PBX (Private Branch Exchange) solutions. While VoIP only deals with voice calls, SIP facilitates high quality, data-heavy communication across various platforms, including video conferencing and virtual reality programs. PBX systems support both VoIP and SIP systems with standard internal and external call functionality like voicemail, call forwarding, queueing and automation. 

As one of the country’s best VoIP service providers, NetSIP will work closely with you to set up a VoIP, PBX, and/or SIP system that provides the best communication solutions to fit your business and customer needs. 

How to choose the right VoIP provider?

Choosing VoIP providers based on price alone isn’t just enough. Your business needs a communication solution that can facilitate growth as well as accommodate change. Our low-cost VoIP plans are among the most competitive and comprehensive on the VoIP vendors market when it comes to fees, design features, quality, service, and support.

NetSIP has over 15 years of industry experience researching and providing SIP service, PBX and VoIP systems. We’re also one of the few genuine Tier 1 VoIP Service providers in Australia – which means no third parties. 

We own and operate the network, core hardware, systems, and technology to provide your VoIP service. Unlike other VoIP vendors, we also offer 24/7/365 NOC (Network Operations Centre) support from NetSIP technical staff. 

If your business is ready to benefit from our experience and infrastructure immediately, speak with the NetSIP team today. Learn more about our PBX phone system, award-winning work as VoIP providers and SIP Trunk providers, or explore our VoIP Reseller Program and become a wholesale VoIP provider or VoIP reseller.

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