NetSIP is a leading unified communications company, offering you the chance to become a profitable VoIP provider. Together with our top-tier backbone, we supply VoIP and SIP services to businesses across Australia and New Zealand. Join our growing team of wholesale VoIP providers and gain a wealth of experience in a market brimming with opportunities. 

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is the technology that enables voice communication over high-speed internet instead of traditional telephone lines. This method of communication is quickly becoming the standard in many industries due to its affordability and reliability. 

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from an efficient VoIP provider. Whether you’re running a budding local startup or a rising global conglomerate, this technology can revolutionise how you connect with clients and employees. 

Conventional PSTN and ISDN connections are notorious for high rates in long-distance calls. Since VoIP works over the internet instead of telephone lines, it bypasses these expenses to help you save roughly 50% on telecommunication costs.

With our world-class backbone at NetSIP, we help you utilise a dedicated voice switching platform to ensure minimal latency when transmitting voice data packets. We can also help you keep your existing geographic number for a seamless transition to unified communications. 

Get in touch with our industry experts today and prepare to experience a world of difference. 

What is VoIP, and how does it work?

VoIP can be defined as the set of rules for sending and receiving voice packets over the internet. It works by converting your voice into digital data, which is then compressed and converted back into audible sound on the other end. This communication method is quickly replacing traditional telephony, contributing to the high demand for a reliable VoIP provider.

It is important to understand your current communication infrastructure before transitioning to VoIP. Legacy standards like ISDN are becoming obsolete, but there are methods that allow you to keep your old equipment while integrating VoIP. That way, you make a smooth transition without breaking the bank. 

VoIP is compatible with legacy PBX phone systems, but if you use even older devices, we have a dedicated ISDN to SIP converter to help you make the switch without buying new equipment. This level of versatility is something you just can’t get with traditional telephony. 

VoIP is also much more secure than conventional phone lines. It encrypts voice traffic to prevent third-party interference or security breaches. If your business deals with sensitive information, now is the time to invest in unified communications. 

NetSIP lets you decide how you want to handle your shift to VoIP. Whether you want it incorporated into your existing devices or prefer a complete overhaul of your communication system, we can cater to your needs. 

Why do businesses use VoIP?

VoIP services are commonly used to make and receive international calls at much lower rates than conventional carriers. In addition, they aren’t tied to physical locations. They can be accessed from anywhere with the internet, making them ideal for businesses with clients or employees dispersed across the world. As long as your internet connection can handle the daily traffic of your business, dropped calls should be a thing of the past.  

NetSIP works with a high-calibre SIP trunk provider to deliver unparalleled, unified communication services. Our powerful customer portal enables you to manage routing and failover effectively without professional assistance. It also lets you share resources with employees across multiple locations without compromising visibility or control. You can consult with our experts about all the features of the portal. 

We understand that clear communication is crucial for efficient business operation. Our VoIP service lets you apply QoS rules to prioritise voice traffic in your network to ensure high-quality calls. With the help of a reliable VoIP provider, you can cut communication costs and increase productivity in one fell swoop. Enquire today and prepare to experience a world of difference. 

How to choose the right VoIP provider?

The right VoIP provider understands that no two businesses are precisely the same. So they take your budget and preferences into account and offer tailored VoIP solutions rather than cookie-cutter packages. 

As premier VoIP service providers with a top-tier backbone, NetSIP presents every single client with unique and detailed plans. We start by analysing your current system and evaluating your connectivity options. We then take this information to make informed recommendations that suit your infrastructure and budget. 

Once your new system is ready for deployment, we install adequate security measures to protect your business from external threats. We then give you access to our powerful customer portal, allowing you to customise your system according to your preferences. Additionally, we provide a secondary backup connection to cover any interruptions.

Moving to unified communications is easy, especially with a world-class VoIP provider, and NetSIP is here to help you scale your business to new heights. Get in touch with us today to leverage the potential of new technologies. 

NetSIP is offering you the chance to become a profitable VoIP reseller through our VoIP reseller program. If you’re interested in generating a new revenue stream, this opportunity is for you. Join our team as a VoIP provider and gain valuable experience in a rapidly evolving industry. Enquire now to learn more about this exciting offer.

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