Cloud PBX, which stands for private branch exchange, is a business telephone network that promotes smooth and efficient communications within and outside your organisation. At NetSIP, we cover all your phone needs and host all your data and software in the cloud (aka internet), which means you don’t have to do your own maintenance or invest in expensive hardware. 

Take note that, unlike residential phone systems, the ones used in businesses need additional flexibility and features such as waiting queues for customers, hold music, voicemail, call conferencing, extension dialling, and business-hour settings to accommodate off-hour calls. 

Meanwhile, some people use the terms cloud PBX and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) interchangeably. However, there is a difference between the two – think of a hosted PBX as a cloud-based platform for your phone system, while VoIP is the method for making calls. 

A PBX phone system offers benefits not found in on-premise digital systems since the former can be accessed completely through the internet, which is crucial nowadays with the growing number of companies employing remote workers. 

Since NetSIP’s cloud PBX is a business phone that completely runs over the internet, you don’t need to invest in hardware in your location – a VoIP on cloud, which SIP trunk providers offer, does it for you. Being one of the leading VoIP resellers in Australia, we offer unique benefits to small businesses and large organisations that want to access the latest unified communication without spending a fortune. 

All you need to use our cloud PBX is a reliable broadband internet connection, which accepts all kinds of smartphones, conference phones, desk phones, and other internet-enabled phone devices. 

If you want extra flexibility, a VoIP PBX system is a right choice for you because your data and software are stored in the cloud. By contrast, a digital phone system is an on-site solution requiring your own physical equipment, such as servers inside your business.

At NetSIP, we offer a private cloud that runs on a solid infrastructure that uses exceptional security and compliance measures, which keep your data safe and secure. Additionally, our VoIP server hosting is managed and maintained by our IT staff 24/7, totally removing the burden of ongoing maintenance on your part. 

How does cloud PBX work? 

Your VoIP provider is responsible for housing the PBX equipment and providing business-grade phone services. Simply put, your entire office phone system plugs into a router so that calls within and outside your organisation are handled through a server at your provider’s physical location. 

When you use NetSIP’s hosted VoIP PBX system, all your incoming calls are transferred to extensions and managed by business-grade communication features like voicemail, call forwarding, waiting, follow-me, hot-desking, and conference bridges, just to name a few. 

To further improve your communications efficiency, reputable VoIP service providers like NetSIP also allow you to assign specific rules to a given number. 

What are the advantages of using cloud PBX?

When you partner with reputable hosted PBX providers like NetSIP, this telephone platform offers nothing but benefits explained below.

Unparalleled security. All our virtual servers are hosted in Australian data centres that use the most advanced firewall technology available in traditional PBX. Take note that audio signals without solid IP protection are vulnerable to attack and unauthorized access. Our staff performs 24/7 server monitoring, call encryption, and other advanced security and compliance measures to eliminate security risks further. 

Affordability. By partnering with us, you don’t need to spend on expensive physical equipment – you only need a reliable internet connection and VoIP-enabled phones. You also don’t need a team of maintenance engineers since we take on all the responsibilities of managing, monitoring, and updating our cloud infrastructure. And because honesty is at the heart of our business, we also ensure 100% transparent billing.

Reliable. Our cloud PBX runs on a sophisticated infrastructure with automatic failover and redundancy, meaning it is protected against the host, network and SAN failure. At NetSIP, we have multiple servers in different physical locations to provide you with reliable cloud-hosted PBX systems. Each server keeps identical information, so if one fails, another one takes its place instantaneously; this process eliminates extended outages of your phone service. 

Maintenance-free phone service. NetSIP will manage, monitor, and update your system. Additionally, we have a local support team that can help you around the clock if you encounter any issues. By contrast, on-premise PBX systems require a full-time technician, which is not really cost-effective, especially for small- and medium-sized businesses. 

Flexibility and scalability. With cloud PBX, you don’t need servers and other equipment in your physical location, which makes this phone system flexible and scalable, especially nowadays when telecommuting has become the norm. You can also enjoy more control by assigning and adding business numbers to your team, including remote workers. 

Enhanced customer experience. Our cloud-hosted phone service comes with customer-centric features such as auto attendant (to greet incoming callers) and call queuing (to avoid dropping callers and busy signals), so you will not miss any opportunities. 

Enjoy unified communications that are efficient and reliable when you partner with us at NetSIP. If you’re in the business of offering business solutions to your customers, you can even learn about how you can join our VoIP Reseller Program as one of our wholesale VoIP providers.  

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