NetSIP is a leading Australian-based communications systems company offering world-class VoIP Services. Our Tier 1 backbone ensures that our unified communication solution is ready to help you grow and scale your business efficiently, effectively, and economically.  

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and facilitates phone calls over the internet instead of traditional telephone lines. VoIP relies on data connectivity to transmit voice packets and focuses primarily on voice calls. Think of VoIP as an important investment in your business communication needs – both now and well into the future.  

VoIP isn’t new, and to some degree, telephony has relied on digital lines to carry phone calls since the late ‘90s, allowing us plenty of time to refine our services to offer our customers maximum value. VoIP is a cost-effective way to handle an unlimited number of calls across your business using your high-speed internet connection to establish connectivity. 

Businesses now communicate in a range of different ways, utilising a host of different technologies. You’ll find that employees in most businesses will often use a mix of phone, email, chat and text, as well as video conferencing to get their jobs done.  

Because business communication needs are vast, it can be hard to adapt while ensuring internal infrastructure is sustainable for the long term. That’s why we’ve collated the knowledge we’ve gathered through our years of innovating our VoIP services and paired it with premium infrastructure to ensure that our customers have the most seamless communication experiences and are positioned to scale with ease. NetSIP is founded on a world-class Tier 1 backbone that offers you complete reliability, convenience, and savings for your business communications.  

We’ve spent years refining our systems and software to ensure that what we offer you is the highest-end, best quality and most effective communication platform we possibly can. You can trust that we’ll always be looking for ways to improve, and you’ll always benefit from the results of our drive to innovate continuously. VoIP services is a growing industry; companies and organisations that rely on phone communications are looking to adapt, scale and grow their business with minimal friction, and we’re well ahead of the game.   

Enquire now about how we can help strengthen your business and position it for success with our VoIP services.  

What are the advantages of using a VoIP service?  

The advantages of using a VoIP service primarily lies in the technology it runs on – namely, a sound and sturdy internet connection. The traditional Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) is fast becoming a thing of the past, with broadband internet becoming widely available here in Australia and a global shift away from the limitations of landline telephony and line rental.  

Operating Cost                    

Because VoIP services run online and are not PSTN wired, this means the first advantage you’ll see is your communication costs going down, allowing you to place local or international calls for an absolute fraction of traditional phone call costs. Call waiting, call forward, call transfer, and caller ID are all features that you can add as you require depending on your business plan.  

Scalability and Responsiveness 

VoIP also positions businesses to scale whenever needed. It will cost next to nothing just to increase phone users (or decrease them) with most of these services deployed remotely. You no longer need to book in a service technician to install an outlet and another line the way PSTN landlines require. It also means managing features is as easy as an email or a phone call with us – whatever you need, whenever you need it.  


VoIP services will often seamlessly integrate with existing and new business systems, including your hardware. Our infrastructure allows us to work with traditional, hybrid, IP and hosted systems. Depending on your needs, new licences and analogue telephone adaptors (ATA) may be required, but rest assured that we will assist you all throughout. 

How to get a VoIP service? 

Getting a VoIP service is as easy as getting in touch with us today.  

We’ll assess your business needs to ascertain the right unified communication solution for your needs, including adopting or upgrading SIP (Session Internet Protocol) and PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems. From there, we’ll offer a range of options and guide you through each step of the journey to either transition or integrate our VoIP services within your business.  

Once we’ve set everything up for you, you really can set and forget – we’ve made it that simple for you. 

Transitioning to VoIP services ensures that your business is positioned well to scale at the drop of a hat. As your business grows, you won’t need to waste any time on scaling your communications to match because you’ve already set yourself up for success.  

Suppose you’re in the business of offering business solutions to your customers. In that case, you can even learn about how you can join our VoIP Reseller Program as one of our wholesale VoIP providers. 

What does the VoIP service cover? 

NetSIP’s VoIP Service covers a range of standard phone functions, including calls, call forward, message bank, amongst a host of other features that include our technical support whenever you need it.  

Enquire now to learn more about the benefits our VoIP Services can offer your business and to learn more about VoIP providers, SIP Trunk providers, VoIP service providers, SIP services and PBX phone system with NetSIP.

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