If your company has a poorly configured phone system, you need to realize that you are losing opportunities and undermining customer relations, which can put you at a huge disadvantage in today’s customer-centric business landscape. Fortunately, as a reputable VoIP provider,  NetSIP offers a full-service PBX phone system to help you maximise your productivity and promote better communication.  

How does a PBX phone system work? 

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a switch station for private telephone systems that allow users to talk to each other. Simply put, companies use the PBX telephony system to connect all their internal phones to an external line, nurturing customer relationships.

Each internal user has a phone at a desk with a different number, which is not in the same format as a phone number since it depends on the internal numbering. 

When your customer or any person calling from the ‘outside’ asks to be directed to the individual he wants to talk to, your ‘internal’ phone network redirects him using a three- or four-digit number referred to as an extension number. 

At NetSIP, our powerful phone system that uses VoIP, also called SIP service, eliminates missed calls, downtime, and other glitches that have detrimental effects on your business, thanks to features such as follow-me, free mobile softphone application, hot-desking, and conference bridges.

As one of the leading VoIP service providers in Australia, you can access our reliable first-class infrastructure without having to spend a fortune. Take note that our hosted cloud PBX is scalable, making it ideal for small and medium businesses and large companies. Thanks to this scalability, your phone system’s capabilities and performance can grow together with your business. 

Our hosted cloud PBX also integrates internet and voice, which means that all your calls and data are sent digitally over the internet. This allows you to learn about your calling patterns, know the quantities and other statistics related to your calls, and ultimately reap the benefits of having a solid communication system.

What are the benefits of using a PBX phone system?

Our scalable and customisable PBX phone system provides a wide range of benefits that have made us the go-to provider of voice network solutions for small and large businesses aiming to increase their productivity, efficiency, and customer relationships. 

Maintenance-free service. Our end-to-end hosted telephony system allows you to access infrastructure that is regularly managed, monitored and maintained – this means you don’t have to worry about things breaking down or having your own technicians and maintenance engineers. Using our infrastructure also means that you don’t need to buy additional equipment, allowing you to save money. 

Access to the latest technology. Our hosted cloud PBX gives your organisation free and unlimited access to the latest updates and features without having to invest in new hardware. As a result, you also get to enjoy great flexibility and scalability.

Smooth internal communication. The traditional system of direct lines does not promote a streamlined internal collaboration and might even be expensive in the long run. Imagine that you’re calling another number in your office (for example, your assistant); your call goes to the local phone company’s system before going back to your business – this is a highly inefficient process that often incurs a charge. Fortunately, our digital PBX system can solve this problem. 

Automation. Our PBX phone system eliminates the time-consuming and repetitive tasks involved in answering calls. For example, our ‘auto receptionists’ allow callers to enter an extension number, so they are immediately redirected to the person they need to talk to. Our intelligent automation also reduces your overhead cost because you don’t have to employ a receptionist to answer calls. 

Full-service hosted telephony system. By partnering with NetSIP, we cover all your needs, from new handsets and full access to our digital PBX system and its automation features to technology supporting standard location, national and mobile numbers. 

Internet integration. With an internet-connected system, your calls don’t go through telephone networks but through your office’s telephone handsets. This process eliminates any phone bills since no one at your company is making phone calls. 

More control and customization. At NetSIP, we understand that each business has unique needs. That’s why our local engineers will help you set up a customised PBX phone system that provides different levels of access to various extensions. For example, you can limit some internal phones so they can only call certain extensions or restrict their access to international dialling. 

24/7 local support team. We have a dedicated team that can help you around the clock to solve any issues that may arise. Additionally, we have a staff that manages your system and keeps it up to date. 

Customer-centric service. At NetSIP, we don’t use a cookie-cutter PBX telephone system because we understand that each business has unique needs and challenges. Hence, we always review our client’s business requirements, their current cost and usage, and above all, their pain points. In this way, we can design and set up a PBX phone system that covers all their needs. 

Cloud and hosted features. SIP trunk providers like NetSIP offer cloud-based and hosted PBX phone systems that come with a wide range of capabilities that are not found in physical PBXs. For example, your sales team can access voice calls and marketing applications on their mobile phones even if they are not physically in the office. This arrangement enhances productivity and reduces overhead cost because you don’t need extra staff anchored to your office phone. 

Through NetSIP’s SIP service, and hosted PBX system, you can enjoy unified communications that are efficient and reliable. If you want to add an additional revenue stream to your business, explore our VoIP Reseller Program and become part of our growing community of VoIP resellers – our premium infrastructure allows us to offer great service for wholesale VoIP providers so you can add value to your existing customers. Enquire now and learn more about our services. 

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